Using Collabora with MAIB NextCloud?

Have you registered your name servers with Zuver. I tried Skyping you but there was no answer. I’m working all day tomorrow. Feel free to call me anytime. I’ll be available between 11:00am. to 9pm. UTC-7

Cheers! Sorry about that, I thought I had missed you for the day and might have been asleep already. I’ll aim for about 10 am here which I think works out to be about 5 pm there.

Thanks again.

Hi @pupsncats, just wondering if you’re around atm? I’m on Skype.

I seem to now have DNS sorted (didn’t know about custom DNS in MiaB). Once I added an A record for my subdomain it resolved :slight_smile:

Now it’s just a matter of not connecting (i.e. MiaB not connecting to Collabora). I have created the letsencrypt files, and included the full paths in the nginx config file (I also tried apache).

Right now apache is set to listen on a random port but all the modules for reverse proxy, ssl, etc are enabled and I am using nginx as per your instructions.

I tried calling on Skype but no answer - you’re working though, so it’s possible that you’re busy.

Thank you :slight_smile: