User Manual Creation

Maybe we can have an “advanced” manual, where the manual can be rather thick (if printed), or even include it under a “help” or “manual” tab in the control panel (or an initial email to every new user in MIAB), and when we decide to finalize the manual we can cut down on the “likely not needed for the average user” and create a simpler manual?

I think there are a few (not many) folks out there that may have an ISP that doesn’t care about their activities. I, for example, have an ISP that is residential, but hasn’t changed my public IPv4 address in literally months, and I don’t pay for anything special.

There are also some lucky people out there with Google Fiber. I would need to read further into Google Fiber and see if they allow port 25, 80, 443, etc., and hand you a static IP address.

It’s also possible to use a VPN to port forward and get a static public IP address, bypassing any ISP restrictions.

Sorry, forgot to hit the “reply” button until this morning.

@JoshData, have you taken a peek at our manual we are working on?

No, not yet. I’m trying to stay out of it. :slight_smile:

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