Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 22.04 upgrade/new install?


Just wanted to ask.

Do you recommend update/upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04
via command line?

Does this take the version to 20.04 LTS and then another update/upgrade is required to Ubuntu 22.04?

Or is it better to re-install/new install of Ubuntu 22.04?

" The only supported upgrade path is to create a new box running Ubuntu 22.04 and then migrate your user data from your old box to your new box . See the maintenance guide’s explanation on moving to a new box for tips. In-place upgrades have not been tested. You should keep your IP address and assign it to your new box if at all possible since your IP address is linked to your reputation in other people’s spam filters."

I see, thanx for clarifying.

And just to be sure it’s still the Server 64bit (amd64) Version?

Are you running your mail server at home? or in the cloud? If its cloud you shouldn’t even need to download the iso, make a new box.

If at home, yes, thats the one.

One at home on old OptiPlex9020M …
Is there a Netinstall version available for Server version of Ubuntu 22.04?
Searching but nothing found.

How would one go about installing via PXE / UEFI netboot method?

Installing the OS at your home PC is sorta way out of the scope here for the help support forum. I would suggest trying to ask this in ubuntu forums?

@JoshData - Apologize if this comment was out of line.

You didn’t seem to have searched too hard, did you? :wink: The first link that comes up when I search for “Ubuntu 22.04 netinstall” on Goggle is this…

I don’t use google to search, prefer ddg.gg so it did not come up (as first) :frowning:

The link points to a forum but not actual NetInstall ISO like I am used to from Debian

I am just trying to find a way to avoid burning DVD, and have bad experience with creating bootable USB sticks …but there is possibility I was doing something wrong …

Looks like no more NetBoot images for Ubuntu 22.xx plus :frowning:

You would have to create an installation media as well with the Debian minimal ISO. However, you could try the Network Installer from the link I posted which doesn’t require any physical media, but your computer has to support PXE network boot, and It’s probably easier to just use the Ubuntu server ISO.

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Typically just use rufus for “burning to usb” (Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way) and it works fine.

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Folks, please be kind to others who are using this topic to understand the upgrade process and leave out off topic commentary like how to burn an ISO DVD.

Oh shoot my bad, I got lost and didn’t realize this was a separate thread. Really sorry!

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