Sucessful upload through round cube w/ 10MB file, then failed attempt with 650MB

Also, because I haven’t experimented with this, you may need to adjust keepalive timeout which is located right under the http block configurations.

thanks for your help.

I don’t see any errors in access.log or error.log of nginx
The POST command seems to be running for ever on client side without no way to follow if failed or still running.
On server side I can the POST in acces.log and no errors about it in error.log

No imapsync is not option since this shall be able to be done by any non-technical user without installing or using any third-party software.

I am gonna look about this keepalive timeout param…

What is the expected time for the upload to complete?

The client_max_body_size directive is available to be configured under every domain and subdomain in /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf. Did you check to make sure you configured in the correct server block?

I have no clue on the expected time for the upload to complete.
How would I know/calculate that ?
I guess it is highly depending on the user bandwidth capacity right.

yep I got the right domain because if don’t modify those parameters I get the error like in the screenshot of the very message of this conversation…

I cannot find the keepalive parameter you mention, neither visually neither by grep

sudo cat /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf | grep keepalive

I do find a param fastcgi_read_timeout at 630 tho

The main http block is nearly always in nginx.conf, which is what nginx looks at on start. That is where you find something like include /etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf;.

And when you aren’t sure, there’s always grep keepalive /etc/nginx/* and grep keepalive /etc/nginx/*/*, etc.

Since anyone with MiaB that has resolved this issue hasn’t shared it on any of the official support channels for MiaB, if all else fails you might consider heading over to a Roundcube support channel and see if they can offer some assistance. If you do find a solution, please post here or better on the MiaB GitHub so that perhaps a contributor will convert it into a PR.

I actually want to fix this and a few other issues, but haven’t found the time.

thanks for your help @openletter :pray:

Yes I am gonna continue to try and search.

Having the automatic closing of topics here doesn’t help to post solutions we find on some issues afterwards…

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I would consider 1 MB/sec as the target upload rate. So 7500 MB would be 7500 seconds. I base this on 10 mbps upload from residential ISP is reliably never more than 8 mbps.

Based on that calculation and if the user interface mention a maximum of 16GB we shall configure all timeout mentioned before at 16000 seconds ?

Like it shows in the screenshot of the second post of this same conversation…

Yes I am gonna open an issue at roundcubemail at least for this persistent jquery error in logs during upload.

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