Spamassassin + Clamav + Amavis integration how to?

Hello All,
i am new here, how do i quickly add and integrate spamassasin and a working AV?

Thank you

spamassassin comes as standard with the box

ah right, i just re read what was included in the whole package. i did not see AV though, anyone have successfully set them up in production?

also i have been thinking about this for 2 days already. since we have sqlite as a backend. i am wondering how it would do with 100 users on it?


Hi, I feel I should point out the previous discussion here about AV:

Also, I think many people see sqlite and wonder this same thing. However, I don’t believe MIAB is trying to be a project to solve a large mailserver environment.

Keep in mind the goals from the github. Our goals are to:

  • Make deploying a good mail server easy.
  • Promote decentralization, innovation, and privacy on the web.
  • Have automated, auditable, and idempotent configuration.
  • Not make a totally unhackable, NSA-proof server.
  • Not make something customizable by power users.

I used to run with that setup but it stopped working several versions ago. I would NOT recommend using that guide as you will not be able to upgrade MIAB.

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