[SOLVED] CRM server relay

No. Use the user and password as you were before. Add the permitted senders as I instructed earlier.

People keep saying this but it is not true. You can have a mailbox which has itself as an alias … that way emails are delivered to the user account and the aliases user account. (this is irrelevant for this discussion though).

first off, thank you very much for your patience and help. I’m somewhat new to MIAB, so my struggles are showing.

I have set the SMTP user on Odoo back to dave@mydomain.com and it validates correctly.
I also created an alias in MIAB, dave@mydomain.com. I have selected the second option on permitted senders: “I’ll enter the mail users that can send mail claiming to be from the alias address.” and have added dave@mydomain.com and user1@mydomain.com to that list.

I can send an email from within odoo as dave@mydomain.com but when I try the other users, I get the “not owned…” error message.

Permitted senders is only an alias option, correct?

I would use an odoo account, and just bulk create the aliases:

username: odoo@mydomain.com

so on and so on.

To clarify, the odoo@mydomain.com user should have the 100 or so aliases.

So Odoo sends as multiple users … I am only familiar with these products sending their emails as one user such as no-reply@domain.com etc …

And I agree with the method @murgero suggests … though … if your Oodo sends mails as multiple senders, not one i.e. odoo@mydomain.com … you may be forced to send through the localhost SMTP server using SMTP relaying to the MiaB server.
And that may fail as well as it may be that MiaB does not support relaying – I have never tried it in this direction … so there may be need for a different solution which I can offer as a commercial product … but … let’s see if this works first.

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Only add the user1@mydomain.com (and other permitted senders) to that list. dave@mydomain.com is permitted by default.

No, he will need the 100 user’s as aliases, odoo is trying to send as user1, user2, etc etc but it can’t. odoo(dave) is allowed already as a user with valid creds.

Yes, Odoo is an ERP/CRM system. So each user can maintain their customer/accounts and email directly from Odoo. There are also a multitude of automated emails that can be sent. But when each user sends an email, it is sent as them in the From:

Looking back a Murgero’s recommendation for the odoo@mydomain.com account and aliases, are you referring to building them on the odoo server in Postfix?

No do it all in MIAB:

  1. Create an odoo@mydomain.com acount in MIAB
  2. Add the 100+ aliases you need to odoo@mydomain.com in MIAB
  3. Configure odoo to use the new odoo account. in CRM
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

fixed. :slight_smile:

I still hate this new version of Discourse! /rant

@davidogles Do join us on Slack … we have been discussing a unsupported modification that may make this work with no further headaches.

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To properly achieve the goal at hand it was necessary to make an ‘unsupported modification’ to the Postfix configuration to support how Odoo was handling the different senders.

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Adding the IP Address of the external CRM server to the MIAB postfix main.cf file to line “mynetworks” to allow for no-auth relay from the CRM.

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