Quotas Implementation


Then you should go for it.


Yes, I would greatly appreciate help with my attempt to add external authentication to MIAB. [hint hint]


Hi all.

There’s no reason Mail-in-a-Box shouldn’t be used for business purposes — there’s nothing specific about Mai-in-a-Box that precludes its use in a serious or commercial way.

But it is not an enterprise product for a large organization, and we’re not trying to make it one.

I think quotas are useful because in any environment disk usage should be monitored. But LDAP integration is not something that would occur outside of an enterprise environment, so I don’t think I would accept any changes along those lines.


The only reason I suggest LDAP is that it is the most supported standard for authentication, and that would allow for plug-n-play between mail-in-a-box and other applications. The other thing is that Mail-in-a-box has a very simple (yet can be disappointing) system for handling users.

It would be nice to have username, password, then optional fields under it: firstname, lastname, personal email, and any other attributes that might be desired, to be associated with the user to be created. Oh yes, groups! Groups, groups, groups with permissions!

But projects like this start simple, then they build up. Rome was not built in a day. I want to get around to doing external authentication, first.


Not always true, using openldap instead of sqlite for authentication has many benefits I think. For example: SSO for the different applications that MIAB offers would be nice. Also the ability to move away from SQLite since it has issues with a lot of users (unless the large user base issue was resolved or was caused by something else?)


If SQLite has performance issues, then it needs indices. There is no way LDAP is faster than SQLite properly configured.