Port 25 SMTP blocked by provider - how to mitigate if no fix

Unfortunately, many VPS vendors block port 25 (which is for SMTP) these days, especially in low-cost plans. Let’s assume one cannot change that.

This thread discusses the options to mitigate port 25 blockage.

So, in MiaB you run into this message:

> Outbound mail (SMTP port 25) seems to be blocked by your network.
> You will not be able to send any mail.
> Many residential networks block port 25 to prevent hijacked machines
> from being able to send spam.
> A quick connection test to Google’s mail server on port 25 failed.

Well, you probably knew this ahead of time. What you didn’t know is that there is a wholesale industry conspiracy around port 25 blockage to rip off their “valued customers” or however they put it these days.

Now what are the options?

obviously, they ought to be free of charge i.e. 0 € or $ like netcat or socat

here are the alternatives:

There are many vendors offering high-€$ “solutions” which are more expensive than choosing a VPS vendor without blockage to begin with. Conspiracy!

- to be continued -

Simple. Do not use a provider that does not offer outbound port 25.

Do not say that is not an option because it certainly is.

that’s a non starter, or even a Non Sequitur.

No, this thread is. You are looking for solutions for problems that do not exist. If one provider does not want a mail server to be run on their network, you move on to a provider who allows such.

why? because you cannot find a 0 €$ combination that works just fine ? I am almost there…

MOST people who are interested in this project are going to be willing to put out the few dollars/euro that is required to rent a VPS service from a provider rather than wanting to deal with jumping through hoops to get something for nothing.

You said it yourself …

so they are out there … as a matter of fact, I have yet to run into a vendor who would not allow mail other than one of the following - Microsoft, Google, Amazon. I do not remember which of those 3 do not allow mail other than Amazon … maybe it is all of them? I do not know nor do I care as all 3 are antathema to this project.

that much is true ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maybe we should ask Mr Richard M. Stallman whether he has something to say about this or free softwarez generally… :face_with_monocle:

He would probably say something like:

When we call software “free,” we mean that it respects the users’ essential freedoms: the freedom to run it, to study and change it, and to redistribute copies with or without changes. This is a matter of freedom, not price, so think of “free speech,” not “free beer.”

From “Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software

Actually, Amazon has no issues with running mail servers on their platform, so long as you’re using it for legitimate purposes. If you want to be as cheap as possible, you can even run it on a $3 per month EC2 instance.

OK, let’s get back to the issue at hand.

Stallman emailed me once just to complain about another project of mine. He’s a lunatic.


I love this. I’d say this is a sign you made it.

I feel this is a desired personality trait for the person in charge so many open source things.

why not use a pool: an SMTP gateway with https://www.proxmox.com/en/downloads/category/iso-images-pmg

it requires a second server though with open port 25 , but it can be pooled.

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