Multiple Let's Encrypt on v0.20


I successfully installed Let’s Encrypt certificate for main domain, but now I struggle to set it up for other domains. When I click “Install certificate” near each of them I just get the CSR and fields where should I paste key and cert. Shouldn’t that be also automatically as it was for main domain? Or should I install them manually? If yes, then could you please share the howto with me, on how to do that with already existing one Let’s Encrypt cert. I don’t want to setup manually in different than automatic ways to not breaking the setup, as it’s live already.

Here’s the screenshot of my domains:

There should be a provision button at the top of the TLS certificate page. Use that button to provision a new LetsEncrypt certificate for all domains that don’t have a certificate.

Hm, can’t find such button. Here’s what I see in SSL section:

Call your Let’s Encrypt certificates for your ‘obfuscated’ domains and sub-domains from/ through your other WEB server(s) under IP’s and If you have Let’s encrypt installed in their respective web servers …
This post may help you, too (just note Wosign certs. are in the way to be banned by major browsers and creating new ones through them are no more an available alternative).

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