MIAB on one server, web hosting on separate server. Roundcube Setup?

Hello. I have my MIAB server on one server and like to keep it away from everything else, so I have associated websites on a separate server. So, for example me@xyz.com is handled by the email server, but the website www.xyz.com is on a separate server. DNS is on a separate server (to both email and web) and directs requests accordingly. How do I get round cube working with this setup, so that webmail can be accessed for me@xyz.com

https://box.domainxyz.com/mail – there is nothing to set up. Webmail with Roundcube is already here.

@JonnyG assuming that you named the hostname as suggested. if not then it is https://hostname.domainxyz.com/mail

When external webhosting is in use, alias’s will NOT work.(like /mail)

/mail is the alias(shortcut, but shortcut is actually the wrong word.) for roundcube in MIAB. All main domains have access to /mail so long as the web portion is hosted on MIAB itself.

etc etc.

Setup roundcube like you would on any other server. But don’t bother with roundcube, use rainloop in Nextcloud or on your external host. It requires no database to setup and looks much better.

Shortcuts??? What shortcuts?

Anyways, I see I hit the comma instead of the period. Fixed that … and didn’t use the OP’s example of xyz.com because of this: :open_mouth:

See my new edits. :smiley:

Right, they will not work for other domains that mail is being served for on the MiaB install when websites are hosted elsewhere, but the MiaB’s Actual FQDN will always work. :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for your replies. It was a simple solution…just go to mymailserver/mail (box.jmail.rocks/mail) and enter the account credentials…easy!

Just one other thing that you may have a quick fix for - how do I do a redirect in DNS for (as an example) myemail.mydomain.com resolves to box.jmail.rocks/mail. I have tried a cname, but it dosent work…once again thanks for your help

You CAN do a CNAME record BUT you cannot use it to get to the specific directory. You will still have to access the admin page or roundcube by adding the directory name at the end, i.e. myemail.mydomain.com/mail.

IF you are NOT serving websites from the MiaB server, you CAN do a redirect to take you automatically to the /mail directory. Instructions are elsewhere in the forum.

Found it:

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