Mailcleaner + Miab?


I was browsing the internet and I came across this software here, mailcleaner, and it looks like it is open source. So how would I go about using this with MiaB, and is there a way we can potentially package it together with MiaB?


Mail-in-a-Box is currently packaged with Apache SpamAssassin.

If you’d like to propose it to be replaced with Mailcleaner I believe that you would need to make the appropriate recommendation and pull request on Github.


CC’ing @alento

If you setup a secondary server with just mailcleaner + postfix, then have that server relay to MIAB server as a spam filter it will work just fine:


  • Mailcleaner
  • Postfix
  • Setup postfix to forward all email (relay as spam filter) to SERVER2
  • Setup as MX to in SERVER2 using Custom DNS page in SERVER2


Profit? There will be more to it, but that’s the gist.


What’s the easiest way to configure that?

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