Mail-In-A-Box How To On YouTube


David thanks for your patience.

I see the four name servers in Lightsail, but I don’t see where/how to put them in Route 53.




The best way to describe it is how I already did. I’m sorry. I show how to do it in the video. It will show you how to change the Nameservers. Just head to the Route53 section :slight_smile:
Good luck


Honestly, the video is 1hr43min in length.

Might I suggest that you index your guide to the time in the video? I think that would help some people out such as Dennis.


It is about 17 minutes into the video.

Got things changed. Waiting for things to propagate through.

For some reason I can’t ping the static IP address. I can talk to the machine via the Lightsail web interface.



At the moment I’m in the middle of a huge project for a client. When I find some time I’ll be cutting those video’s up and adding segments to the Knowledgebase of BitsVital. But, it’s definitely not my first concern. I have a few other videos on the plate to make first. :confused:


Check the firewall on your Lightsail instance.


@pupsncats Thank you for all your help. Everything is working or will be. I have killed my instance and started over several times. (Developing muscle memory! Grin)
That last time I started over, I forgot to open all the ports, so I could not ping the instance.
The only issue now is reverse DNS. It has been fixed but is slow propagating thru all the systems. Got the OK email back from AWS.
The Status Check page complains about DNSSEC but I guess that is not a problem in the Lightsail environment since it is all in AWS.

Thanks again.

Now to migrate my other domain names over to AWS.



No problem. Ignore DNSSEC. Route53 doesn’t support DNSEC.
Glad I could help! :slight_smile: