Looking for a nOObs guide to keeping my separate webserver

Those both look fine … but you also need the ‘glue record’ area in dotster

Their terminology is ‘private nameserver’


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I’m not clear - are you using one single domain, and that is why you are using the Linode DNS server?

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The final goal is 3 domains, each serving up email from the MIAB instance on ross-optimal.

The ross-optimal.com domain is only going to be used for MiaB?

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No, OP plans to use it for email and web … some of my earlier comments are invalid now as OP decided to host DNS with Linode.

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The final goal makes choosing hosting DNS on Linode the absolute best choice of the three options because it mostly eliminates having the MiaB server as a single point of failure for all 3 domains.

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OP messaged me and we hashed this out. The user is at max message limit for new users, which seems a harsh policy to me given the user has only posted in a topic created by the user.

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I agree … I once asked @joshdata if anything could be done about this but it did not seem as it was possible. Maybe we can revisit this question as it has come up 3 times now in the past week.

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So… I picked up a new domain, mail-my-domain.com followed the instructions and have a running system. Most excellent. I now will begin reattempting the original desire, but I think I should start a separate thread for questions.

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Following this path is super easy!

Now all you have to do is enter an email address on the domain that you wish to host emails for in the admin area of MiaB. Once that is done, copy the DNS records shown in External DNS of the admin area to your domain’s DNS providers.

Of course, you will also need to add the MX record entry to DNS for those domains as well. :slight_smile:

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And so it was. Especially since Linode is kind enough clone a DNS Zone!

Two new domains are under weigh and the old one is getting ready for migration. Thank you all, especially @alento and @openletter.

I am thinking about that n00bs guide. Should I just post here and you guys can decide if you want it? Are there enough people like me who need the help? The instructions were fine, it was the DNSing around them that got me and the fundamental lack of understanding of how important it was to just separate the domain.

Happy to write it but won’t bother if no one will read.

You can lead a horse to water but … :slight_smile:

All contributions are welcome, so please feel free.

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