Let admin account send as any user

So I have a catchall email for my website. It is important for bounce handling to be able to send from any address and have multiple + in the email for the best handling of bounced email. My site tells me the email server says the main account does not own the bounce account and cannot send with that address. It is very important for the bounce account to have a separate inbox. How do I give permission to the main account to send from any address?

I think you can specify specific addresses that users can send mail as. You should be able to manually add them all.

how. Alias only lets it mail from the same mailbox.

You can manually change Postfix’s configuration to do this. See my answer on Server Fault: https://serverfault.com/questions/746165/in-postfix-how-can-i-allow-only-certain-users-to-send-mail-as-any-other-user

And also my previous question on these very forums: Admin accounts should be permitted to send mail on behalf of other users

great just what I was looking for. Too bad it’s not integrated.

Yeah :-/ I recommend keeping a list of any custom modifications you make. That way, when it’s time to update MIAB, you can restore any changes that might have been overwritten by the upgrade process.

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I have been doing that since who want’s the default roundcube logo :-/