How do I create an email account?

If my hostname is and I want to assign the user’s mail id in the format Can someone help me in this?

This is not a DNS question. Please edit the topic to “How do I create an email account?” @ambuje

Go to the admin area and on the mail > users page add the desired user account.

Hi thanks for your reply. I had made changes to the question as advised by you.
I am familiar how to make an user id. Here when I make the ID the email address is instead of this email ID I wish to keep my email id
I hope I was able to explain my question to you

Same basic question, same answer.

If you want to create then that is what you will enter in the email address box.

Thanks for your help. I understood what were you trying to convey :smile:

I hope it is likewise. However, I am not sure that I answered your question. Did I?

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