How can I fix this? The DANE TLSA record for incoming mail (_25) is not correct

Yes, I filtered it out.
And yes just a typo.

If I have more time, maybe I will just re install this VPS.
Any article/guide to backup every domain and email accounts?


And if I will reinstall this VPS, does letsencrypt already built in?
Cause don’t have any money for now to purchase new paid cert.

On the master branch in gitthub, but it’s not in a released version of Mail-in-a-Box yet.

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But already usable right? For fresh installation?

It’s usable, unless there are bugs, which there probably are. (One was discovered (& fixed) between my last post and now.)

So that I will just restore it.

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I just updated another server, and it happens again :(.

The /etc/nsd zone file is still not updating? (And you didn’t copy over that file to the new machine, right?)

This time on another VPS, tools/dns_update --force solve it.

No, old VPS with 6 month MiaB running.

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