Gmail's security settings are more secure

I’ve been using MIAB for a while on my phone with no issues. Just upgraded to a new Ubuntu 22 LTS server with v61.1. status checks are all green, system works via webmail and thunderbird on my desktop.

But my android stopped syncing. So I remove the account and try to add it back. I can’t, when adding the account via the exchange/active sync method I’d used for v57, I get the error:

Can’t add account
Gmail’s security settings are more secure than those set by your IT admin
Contact your IT admin for help.

I’ve tried uninstalling gmail updates, rebooting the phone, and removing my google account from my phone entirely, but no luck.
Does anyone know how to sync my email, calendar, and contacts back up to android?


There is a patch you can run for activesync:
curl -s | sudo bash

More details

And current PR on github

I’m going to save this snippit for the next time I attempt the upgrade.
For the time being, I reverted to the previous server.


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