Cheap VPS offers to setup MIAB (or something else)

I have not tried Hetzner but I tried Linode and the Linode website will reject my email address, my telephone number, and my street address as fraud due to problems with Linode’s automatic fraud detection system.

However, when I called up Linode’s 24/7 customer support, their friendly personnel named Kofi was very helpful and manually helped me register an account and even manually helped me get the $100 free credit. He told me that non American accounts have to handled manually.

So, please contact Hetzner and ask them why they “blacklisted” you and post that correspondence here so we all know for transparency reason.

I run on great specs for very low prices.e.g
6 vCPU
12TB transfer
IPv4 + IPv6
$83 per year!

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