Can't receive email "Connection timed out (Connection timed out)"

Are you able to be contacted directly so that I can pay you to help set this up with me? I could use some help with setting this up correctly. Happy to buy a domain and switch things over, but time is of the essence and I could use the help as DNS is over my head a bit.

I tried to paste my entire dashboard status list but this forum won’t allow because it says it contains multiple links

I now cannot reply for 23 hours as well, it says I have reached my limit here on my first day…

Checking your domain and subdomain look fine from here.

The “connection timed out” is typically caused by the port being used. Ensure that you’re using the correct ports, the firewall is allowing the connection so they’re not closed when someone is trying to send you email.

As for mta-sts and DANE, we have them set up and since several large mail servers (eg. Google, Yahoo) can use them, we’ve found that our email gets through to those as well as Outlook/Hotmail users. It’s worth setting them up.

Looks like your spf and dkim are also set up correctly. Check that DMARC is also working.

I see no issues with XMission as your DNS server. Records look okay from first glance.